Your Desired Reality is Waiting for You.

Hypnotherapy for


A conscious approach to healing & hypnotherapy for the seeker.

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Hypnotherapy for


A conscious approach to healing & hypnotherapy for the seeker.

Begin Your Journey

A Seeker

is Standing

Upon a Treeline.

They don’t know where to go next.

No direction calls out to them. They refocus their gaze beyond the trees, and yet, they can’t see anything. They feel a need, pressure and expectation to move further from their truest selves, their purpose.

Their two feet firmly planted in unknown footprints.

Questions about modern life, obstacles and disconnectedness make them immobile. 

They are ready for anything.

But what they don’t realize is that their purpose lies from within the beating heart of their subconscious mind.

The power of acceptance, healing, and growth can all be realized from within. They can move beyond the memory of who they once were and be who they desire to be. They are fearless and self-assured. 

This is your sign that you can evolve beyond what is expected of you and into the person you desire to be.

I’m here to empower, lead and safely guide you to that person you yearn to become. I invite you to wholeheartedly step into the unknown, closer to your destiny.

In one chapter or another in our lives, we are the
seeker standing amongst the treeline.

Hello, Love.

I'm Jade,

Hypnotherapist, Mystic and Loving Mother.


I invite you to usher in this evolution of who you want to be. The transformation is waiting for you. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I believe we are the authors of our lives and that we all have the ability to transform ourselves into whomever we wish to be. Through the beautiful blend of hypnotherapy, archetypes, and astrology, we can shift patterns, and release fears, no matter how deeply rooted and entrenched they may seem. By creating a sacred space and atmosphere rooted with exquisite mysticism, we can venture on a path towards your desired reality.

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You are….

I Am & I’m Ready 

Able to heal, accept and experience pure joy.

The designer of your life.

Able to move beyond who you once were.

My Mystical Healing Modalities

Introducing a unique blend of offerings to help you                                             of who you

move beyond

you to who

Each service provides a relaxed and unhurried experience to artfully guide you on your personal journey to live your highest purpose. By integrating archetypes, astrology, and hypnotherapy, I gently and safely guide you to uncover your desires, heal, and find your power that lies within.

a memory

you’re destined to be.

once were and introduce 

once were and introduce you to who



Rewriting subconscious patterns.

Have a specific obstacle standing in your way? Let us turn to the powerful and safe practice of hypnosis to relax, focus and repattern your mind towards a resolution.

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Lilith Path Hypnotherapy

Unveiling your untapped potential.

Have you ever felt like you’re holding a part of yourself back? Here, archetypes, astrology and hypnotherapy beautifully intertwine to release your power that lies within.

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Past Life Regression

Journeying to the past to look ahead.

Explore unresolved emotions, fears or beliefs and embrace the lessons of your past to support what’s to come. Through hypnotherapy, I’ll guide you through your past lives or incarnations through memories and experiences of the subconscious.

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Heartfelt Words

I cannot say enough great things about Jade. If you're thinking if you need her in your life or not: you do. Jade has such an incredible intuitiveness about her. She is welcoming, warm, non-judgemental and genuinely committed to helping others become their best self. Jade is truly medicine this world needs. She has completely changed the trajectory of my life, I am endlessly grateful for her.

J.G., FL

I've always been interested in past life regression, so I thought I'd give it a try. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was pleasant, Jade's voice is calming and reassuring, and my result was like "wow!" Pretty cool! Thank you Jade.

J.S., Tuscarora Nation

Walking the Lilith Path with Jade as your guide is a majestic gift. A Goddess in her own right her right, her grace will lead you to the dark side of the moon with ease and help you uncover the gem that is your true essence. It is a path to your infinite potential.

A.G., NY

“Time itself is as fluid as water…it can be bent, shortened, twisted, lengthened and even stopped. The moment you take a stand and begin to follow your dreams, time becomes your ally rather than your enemy, automatically adapting itself to fit your needs.” 

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

Your Desired Reality is Waiting for You.

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