Your Desired Reality is Waiting for You.

Guiding you to create your desired reality by unearthing the archetypes and subconscious beliefs that lie within.

My Sacred


Holding Space With Serenity & Opulence

There’s beauty to be found in the energy and essence at which I conduct my sessions—void of distractions yet abundant with positivity and a gentleness to evoke the most inviting energy to create a space for transformative breakthroughs.

Anchored in Compassion AND Service

I believe you hold the exact powers you seek directly within you. My heart will always be anchored in serving you, the sovereign. I’m here to guide you, hold space for you, and be of service to you on your journey to what’s possible.

A Journey of Souls

A duality of journeys unfold in the most beautiful way as we work closely together, whether in one or multiple sessions. I take time to build connection, trust and to conduct our time together with deep intention and care.

Unfolding With Ease

With the belief that your destination will become clearer with time, I approach each session with ease, grace, and intentionality, free of pressures to find hurried solutions, and I invite you to do the same. Why? Because this journey never ends, it only continues to unfold again and again.

Begin Your Journey 

“I stand for creating a healing space that is serene, relaxed, and elegantly weaves in spirituality.”


meet jade



My story began on the Tuscarora Nation, near Lewiston, NY, and the Niagara River. I grew up surrounded by Clan Mothers who are the decision makers and guiding strength of our tribe. Where the belief that we and nature are one and the same—deserving just as much love and respect as our ancestors.

I returned to my roots and pursued a certification in aromatherapy, and embarked on a healing journey through hypnotherapy. This theme of unfolding, trusting and having the confidence and bravery for my life to naturally evolve in ways I never thought possible suddenly became my everyday reality. There was a whole new level of trust, confidence, and connection I never felt before.

My journey to the woman, hypnotherapist, and mother I am today ensued from a series of unfolding, one after the other. I became a Marine and found a new part of myself that introduced strength and power in a whole new way for me. After spending time in Iraq, my life continued to unfold, leading me to deepen my relationship to the plants, questioning my life, career, and my family’s destiny and how each could continue to weave together. After more changes in my career, my relationship with the plants continued to guide my attention and instilled newfound confidence and trust in my life’s direction.

first flower

“Like the 

my beautiful life that

after a

ways I never imagined.”

blustery and frigid winter, I too, grew into 

feels aligned


that blooms

first flower that blooms

I believe you hold the power to rewrite your subconscious and unfold the life you so strongly desire.

This feeling of alignment grew into something I wanted others to experience, too. I knew in my core that it was my calling to bring this healing to others. To help them create a life that unfolded in the most magical way. I deepened my practice by enrolling in the HMI College of Hypnotherapy and brought this purpose to life. By weaving my knowledge of archetypes, hypnotherapy, and astrology together, I can help you unearth what may be hiding in your subconscious and bring it into self-awareness in a safe and guided way. By holding the highest level of serenity and trust in my sessions, you will feel supported and guided to awaken your desired reality and meet yourself anew. The one who’s been waiting for you all this time.

Jade Rhoads, C.Ht.

Weyęhknę - She Goes and Returns
Tuscarora Deer Clan

Your Desired Reality is Waiting for You.

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