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Heartfelt Words

I cannot say enough great things about Jade. If you're thinking if you need her in your life or not: you do. Jade has such an incredible intuitiveness about her. She is welcoming, warm, non-judgemental and genuinely committed to helping others become their best self. Jade is truly medicine this world needs. She has completely changed the trajectory of my life, I am endlessly grateful for her.

J.G., FL

I've always been interested in past life regression, so I thought I'd give it a try. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was pleasant, Jade's voice is calming and reassuring, and my result was like "wow!" Pretty cool! Thank you Jade.

J.S., Tuscarora Nation

Walking the Lilith Path with Jade as your guide is a majestic gift. A Goddess in her own right her right, her grace will lead you to the dark side of the moon with ease and help you uncover the gem that is your true essence. It is a path to your infinite potential.

A.G., NY

Your Desired Reality is Waiting for You.